29 November 2021

DYSCARF project

The aim of the project was to develop and manufacture an individual protective device to be used to protect the motorcyclist’s neck in the event of an accident with different types of impact. The protection created had to integrate with the one which had been already provided by the helmet, extending it to the cervical spine and spinal column.

Having reached the conclusion of the research and development activities envisaged by the project, the partnership can claim to have reached the realization of two different types of protection systems. There is also a third technical solution which at the moment has only been conceived, immediately not deemed suitable for motorcycle use and therefore not further developed, but which could represent an interesting project for other applications. Therefore, it can be considered that the project objectives have been fully achieved.

The two types of devices made were subjected to an exhaustive experimental campaign in which, alongside the tests, a mathematical model was developed aimed at proving the effectiveness of the systems and to avoid the presence of unwanted effects deriving from their use. Both projects follow the common principle of limiting damage to the user’s neck by guiding the movements of the head, limiting the maximum rotation angles and thus preventing non-physiological motions.