Research and Development

Not only does MAKO SHARK S.r.l. deal with manufacturing components in composite material on behalf of third parties for various sectors but is constantly committed to offering technical support to its customers in the development of various projects, in the optimization of processes, in participating in co-financed research projects and in achieving innovative personal searches.
In R & D_Clienti, the company gives space to co-financed projects and collaboration with customers for the construction of various components.
With R & D_MakoShark we can talk about a personal research and development sector of the company instead, in which resources are employed in the experimentation of new materials, new processes and in the study of new applications for the very same ones.

As per the research, Mako Shark can also boast a close collaboration with the Politecnico of Milan, Bergamo and Pavia and the University of Insubria.

The company is investing resources in these principal directions:

Composite materials for high temperatures
Composite materials for ballistic uses
New technologies
New production processes