MAKO SHARK S.r.l. boasts twenty years of experience in the production of ballistic protections for the land, naval and aeronautical sectors, producing armour for light and heavy vehicles. MAKO SHARK is registered with URNI (National Register of Military Companies) for the production of composite parts, especially for ballistic protection panels. MAKO SHARK, thanks to its team and the experience gained over the last decade, has specialized in the production of personal protections, producing everything internally thanks to its very flexible and always state-of-the-art structure.

A unique feature of aramid fibres and Dyneema is the high impact resistance, i.e., the ability to absorb large dynamic stresses without damage. MAKO SHARK produces ballistic protection panels for civil and military vehicles, and personal defence vests. Mobility, firepower, survival are the factors to be considered in military applications.

Composite protections have the following advantages over traditional protections: