29 November 2021

Ecocarbon project

Mako Shark has already been part of a new project funded by the Lombardy Region together with POR-FESR 2014-2020 funds since 2020. This is thel Ecocarbon Project , which takes its name from its objective: researching and developing innovative solutions for the industrial production processes of composite materials that involve the reuse of waste materials of carbon fibres..

Mako Shark and all the partner companies of this project, together with the University of Bergamo as a technical-scientific consultant, aim to revolutionize the classic production process of composite materials in which production waste is automatically destined for disposal. Instead, the proposal of this project is precisely the one of giving new life to these “waste”, to ensure they become a resource.

With the development of specific recovery, spinning, weaving and industrial reuse processes of recycled carbon fibres, these can be used for the creation of new products. Not only would the recovery of materials represent an important saving for the company that will use them, but it would protect the environment and the territory thanks to the significant reduction in waste, waste of raw materials and energy.