29 November 2021

“Accident” project

Advanced Cementitious Composites In Design and construction of safe Tunnel Acronym: “ACCIDENT ”

The project focused on the study and manufacturing of new materials for the construction of prefabricated tunnel segments, in order to limit, at sustainable costs, the damage caused by fire and / or from the explosion in the structural mantle of road and railway tunnels, events that are often fatal and, in any case, causing serious damage to the structures.

There was an experimental theoretical investigation on fibre-reinforced materials and composite structures, for the development of constitutive bonds suitable for making them withstand high temperatures and pressure waves. The experimental part was carried out by the Dynamat laboratory at SUPSI Canobbio, with the construction of a specific equipment at the Polimi Regional Hub in Lecco and with some small-scale tests at the firefighters’ test field in Bovisio Masciago. The Province of Lecco, 4 Italian and 3 Swiss private partners will be participating.