29 November 2021

Inproves project

Mako Shark’s contribution to innovation

Inproves Inproves is a project that sees universities and companies with high skills in the field of vehicle electrification collaborate with the aim of designing a new vehicle concept, based on the paradigms of Industry 4.0, i.e., on the complete digitalization of the production process, for the control and management of plants, processes and logistic-production flows.

By 2050, aiming for the elimination of road accidents, the elimination of harmful emissions from means of transport, the rationalization of taxes for polluting activities: these are the European objectives by which the industrial research of the Inproves project is guided and motivated. n fact, these purposes translate into the development of so-called brushless electric motors (Permanent Magnet Machines – PMM), that is, without brushes, sliding or permanent magnet electric contacts.

The project responds to the innovation objectives indicated respectively in the White Paper of Transport of the European Commission (2011), in the Strategic Agenda of the National Cluster of Sustainable Mobility (2015), in the Work Program (WP) of the smart specialization strategy of the Lombardy Region (2014).

Inproves therefore means innovation, but there cannot be “innovation” without “collaboration”. It is a project that is proving to be winning precisely because it makes use of an equally successful partnership, in which Mako Shark can boast of being part since 2017. The group includes Brembo as project leader, Marelli, e-Novia, MDquadro, Peri, and UTPVision, together with the essential theoretical support for research and technical development provided by the Politecnico of Milan and the University of Bergamo.

Mako Shark’s contribution to the success of the project consists in making available the know-how gained over the years in the lamination and processing of composite materials in order to supply mechanical components that meet the parameters of safety, efficiency, automation and sustainability.