29 November 2021

Mako “Smart”

The complex months just passed in which everyone found themselves facing the Covid emergency, have placed us in front of a reality: it is essential that a company nowadays invests in Smart Working. Office work must become more flexible, personalized and virtual. It is necessary to be ready, both to face moments of crisis such as the one we have experienced and are still experiencing, and to positively change the relationship between company and employee, making the latter more autonomous, and consequently, more motivated. Smart Working is an opportunity but also a challenge: it represents a completely new managerial philosophy, based on restoring greater self-management to the worker in the choice of spaces, times and tools to be used towards greater responsibility.

To embrace this new approach without leaving anything to chance, in 2020, Mako Sharkdecided to participate in the tender organized by the Lombardy Region for the adoption of Smart Working business plans. We were one of the companies selected as recipients of a training course aimed at managers and employees. The activities are held by ECOLE – Lombard Industrial Companies for Education and the aim is precisely to improve the productivity and well-being of workers, not only for what concerns Smart Working, but also for the organization of work in general. to make this opportunity turn into a concrete resource to be exploited to the fullest.