MAKO SHARK s.r.l. has manufactured ballistic protection systems for light and heavy armoured vehicles in land, sea and air defence for two decades. As a member of the URNI (Ufficio Registro Nazionale delle Imprese Militari), MAKO SHARK is authorised to manufacture composite components, armoured plating in particular. Every aspect of production is fully compliant with STANAG 4569 directives. Owing to the expertise of its staff and the experience it has acquired in the last decade, MAKO SHARK has specialised also in the production of body armour, which, thanks to its highly flexible and avant-garde facilities, it manufactures entirely in-house.

The distinctive feature of aramid fibre is its high impact resistance, defined by its ability to absorb dynamic stress without damage. Mako Shark manufactures both body armour and armoured plating for civilian and military vehicles. Mobility, firepower, and survival are key-factors in military applications, and compared to conventional protection systems composite materials offer the following advantages:

  • vehicle weight reduction
  • enhanced vehicle mobility
  • ease of deployment and transportation

  • increased vehicle life
  • reduced maintenance costs
  • reduced fuel costs
  • enhanced vehicle security (braking, overturning, collision)
  • increased vehicle payload

  • no shape restrictions
  • improved protection-to-weight ratio
  • ease of installation