• R&D

    MAKO SHARK s.r.l. works closely with its customers during production, always striving to provide technical support throughout the project-cycle, improve its processes, participate in co-funded research and pursue innovation in its own research.
R&D_Clients is where the company focuses on co-funded projects and company-client collaboration in the manufacture of components.
R&D_MakoShark is an in-house research and development unit focusing on the testing of new materials, processes and applications.

    Research at MAKO SHARK benefits also from close collaboration with the prestigious Politecnico di Milano.

  • R&D_MakoShark

    The company invests in the following areas:

    • High-temperature composites

    • Composites for ballistic applications
    • New technologies
    • New production processes
  • Design & Realization

    The company liaises closely with its customers to provide a complete service, from design to structural calculations, to the assembly and trial of the finished product.
Examples of finished products are:

    • Steel wire twisting tool
    • Alpine skis

    • Axial fan blades and composite centrifuges
  • Research & Development

    Owing to its dynamic mindset, and thanks in particular to its ongoing participation in research projects and its development of innovative production methods for composite components, the company has also built up an extensive portfolio of patents:

    • “Vertical storage for composite materials”
    • “Carbon bicycles with integrated suspension”
    • “Wrapping systems”
    • “Composite materials polymerisation system with rigid matrixes and controlled pressure counter-moulds”
    • “High-performance break pad”

    • “Collapsible and radio-transparent spinal stretcher for air and land transportation”
    • “Applying transparent protective film on composite material surfaces by gluing and heat-moulding”
    • “C1-C7 vertebrae protection system for the auto and motorcycle industries”

    • “Ballistic panel mounting system with integrated leak protection”
    • “Skull caps and helmets”
    • “Collapsible composite kite table”