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  • Our history

    When MAKO SHARK S.r.l. opened its doors in 1985 its focus was on fibreglass components and accessories for motorbikes. Now it specialises in high-performance composites for use in the military, aeronautical and automotive industries. Whether working to in-house or customer specifications, MAKO SHARK follows the entire production cycle, from design to assembly, using thermosetting resin prepregs with carbon, glass and aramid fibres. There is also a production unit for fibreglass and carbon fibre wet layup.

  • The present

    The company has 30 staff and covers an area of 7,000 sqm, with 1,800 sqm occupied by two production units (prepreg composites and fibreglass). From the drawing board to the assembly line, from 3-D design and/or analysis to the finished product, from the manufacture of moulds, presses, and other equipment, to CNC machining, the company has the capability of following a product through every step of the production cycle, always in close liaison with the customer.



In 2004, MAKO SHARK was ISO 9001:2000 certified, and currently holds the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certification.

In 2012, MAKO SHARK was EN 9100:2009 certified.
And currently holds the UNI EN 9100:2018 certification
As a U.R.N.I. member, MAKO SHARK is authorised to manufacture and export bullet-proof products.